The value offered by Sunrise Foods is undeniable. No one makes it easier for you to add extremely popular Asian cuisine to your menu. Our Ready-To-Serve Meals arrive at your facility fully prepared and conveniently packaged in a single pan, for easy integration into your kitchen. They make higher profits as easy as Heat-Serve.


ready to serve
Ready-To-Serve Meals from Sunrise Foods are the fastest, easiest way to add desirable Asian cuisine to your menu.  Each complete meal comes in a convenient, ready-to-heat pan.  The high-quality proteins (beef, chicken and pork), custom-blended sauces, and menu-specific vegetable mixes are fully prepared, pre-portioned and pre-mixed.  All you have to do is open the pan, heat and serve.

Every Ready-To-Serve Meal contains only fresh, high-quality ingredients with zero trans fat.  Our proteins consist of the finest cuts of beef, chicken and pork.  Our proprietary sauces are our own time-honored blends.  And our vegetable mixes are individually quick frozen (IQF) for flavorful, just-picked freshness. 

Heat & Serve --With Sunrise Foods' Ready-To-Serve Meals, it's as easy as Heat-Serve.